Our Cats

(Bias Yá Moasi)

Silverspotted MAU ns 24
Born 22.10.2014
Bias is now retired from breeding but he is our first imported stud. His lines are continued in our other cats. Bias is born in Czech Republic but came to us via Denmark from where we imported him in August 2015. He is an extremely handsome and BIG boy with a very loving and caring heart, he wants to be friends with everyone. 

Bias @catshow

Bias at the FIFé Catshow in Lapua 17.9.2016

(CatNmaus Amira Sabihah)

Silverspotted MAU ns 24
Born 05.10.2013
Lola is the most social and playful cat we have had the pleasure to know, she is pretty needy when people are around and she doesn’t mind if it is the complete strangers or the family that are at home. She loves to play and talk every time she gets some attention and she will try to sleep so close to us that she can touch both of us with one paw each. Lola is Shämsä’s daughter.


Lola being a baby, as usual.


(Egyptsila Nitro)

Smoke MAU ns
born 9.5.2019


(CatNmaus Gephora)

Silverspotted MAU ns 24
born 12.1.2019


(CatNmaus Havanna)

Silverspotted MAU ns 24
born 1.5.2019


Shämsä posing at home

Shämsä posing @home

Shämsä R.I.P.
(Chai-lai Wafiyah Widad)

Silverspotted MAU ns 24
Born 16.6.2011
Shämsä was a playful and loving little mau. She had a lovely voice and always sang her message when she talked. She loved running up and down the stairs and went full speed from one door to the other just for fun. She was always happy and was most often the first one to greet you at the door when you come home from a long day at work. She just couldn’t wait to sing to you with her tiny chirpy voice.


Mische – housecat R.I.P.

born 3.4.2008
Mische was a housecat, and she was born in a small village called Terjärv and was left as the last cat that no other family would take care of, so we took her.
She has always been living indoors and she has also lived in the city in a cozy apartment. She was a very special cat and always had that little thing in her personality that made us wonder if she really was meant to be a cat or something maybe something bigger. Mische loved the other cats but was never late to discipline the young ones when they got too carried away with all the running and playing. Nevertheless we loved her like all our other cats.

In the sun...

Mische chilling in the sun.

Cheeba R.I.P.
(Chai-lai Mukaramma Mert)

Smoke MAU ns
[Cheeba has now moved to Ähtäri]
born 14.1.2011
Cheeba was a calm and harmonic little smokey mau that really loved our attention and company and she was also great at taking care of her kittens and the other cats in our home.
She really loved to play with the ‘magic wand’ and she enjoyed catching and hiding her mouse-toy or whatever else you threw for her. She was very fast and agile while playing and she could jump really high when playing just to catch her prey. Her first litter was for Chai-lai cattery in June 2012 and she mothered 2 silverspotted boys and a smoke girl.
She was a great mother to her kittens.

What do you want?

Cheeba playing @home



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